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Many people at the Mint reported concerns that hiring and promotions were not handled fairly and said they feared reprisal for making formal complaints.
Fast-food prices rose 8 percent last year, the biggest jump in more than 20 years, and @julie_creswell reports that they are likely to keep climbing this year.
Don’t try to cut the cord when you’re short of time. It took Your Money Adviser several hours, when she added up the time, to figure out what to do.
Your Money Adviser’s plan was to switch to a “cable replacement” streaming service. Here is how she cut the cord (more of a “fraying”).
Quitting is contagious, @emmabgo writes. When one employee leaves, the departure signals to others that it might be time to take stock of their options.
“There’s a shock when you see multiple people leaving — it’s like, oh, is there something I’m not seeing?”
The path of the pandemic is uncertain, but investors may have already made up their minds about the prospects for companies that had prospered months earlier.